Custom Art Production Services

From our in-house production partner, Studio Roboto

Unlock the possibilities of creativity with our custom art production services. Utilizing advanced techniques such as CAD design, casting, AI, and 3D printing, we bring your visionary ideas to life.

Digital Design

It all begins with an idea. A product, a prototype, maybe a scale model. Digital design allows you to quickly develop and share your creative project - for visual presentation or to take forward into production.

3D Scanning

High quality digital 3D scanning can convert historical objects, consumer products, sculptures or other items into digital assets. Digital files can then be modified, scaled or sectioned as needed. Additional outputs include NFTs, high quality renders and files suitable for CNC or 3D printing.

3D Printing

Uncover the power of 3D Printing as a Service in turning artists' concepts into tangible creations. We use a mix of FDM, SLA, SLS, binder jetting, and more.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

High detail flat panel work on paper, acrylic, wood, fabric, leather and cardboard. Cutting for assembly or engraving for labels - all possible.

80w CO2 Laser at 39” x 24”

Model Making

Old school scratch building from fabrication to painting. Scale model building, resin casting and painting. Display bases and acrylic covers to protect and display your products.


Digital design, 3D scanning, resin casting or 3D printing your original work, scaling, sectioning for bronze casting or assembly.


Custom corporate awards for your annual gala or to recognize key clients/employees. Specialization in copper, copper nickel or gold plating.

Bronze Casting

Unlock the beauty and durability of bronze casting services for your next sculpture or product. We can 3D print your part, mold it, then cast it with our proven process.

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