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Discover the intersection between technology and art at our cutting-edge gallery in White Plains, NY. Explore our collection of 3D printed sculptures, AI oil paintings, and custom designs.

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Local Space, Global Reach

Located in White Plains, New York

Nestled inside first floor of the Switch 2 Ten building, our gallery expands over 2,000 square feet of open display artworks primarily produced by our attached in-house production facility in partnership with Studio Roboto.

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Our Founder

Robert Steiner

Prolific 3D sculpture artist and producer Robert Steiner is the founder of both Gallery 10 West and Studio Roboto. His unique experience with 10 years as a US Navy EOD Technician, the former Chief Product Officer at MakerBot, and industrial procurement enable a wide view of product development and production. His love for art, design, and production has led him to produce art for some of the most well known brands, artists, and now his own personal line of sculptures and paintings. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gallery 10 West Produce all of the art?

The vast majority of the art on display at the gallery is produced by our very own in-house production facility in partnership with Studio Roboto.

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