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Mike Moceri

Framed Marble Statue Wall Art - Halo ODST x Venus de Milo Fusion Wall-Mounted Sculpture 3D Printed

Framed Marble Statue Wall Art - Halo ODST x Venus de Milo Fusion Wall-Mounted Sculpture 3D Printed

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Intricately crafted, this distinctive 3D printed wall-mounted sculpture is a striking marriage of the iconic Venus de Milo and the formidable Halo Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST). Uniquely contemporary, yet also imbued with classical sophistication, this sculpture is the ultimate piece of wall art for gaming enthusiasts and fans of historical art alike.

We've taken the timeless elegance of the Venus de Milo and imbued it with a twist of the ultra-modern, replacing her head with the visage of a Halo ODST. This dynamic blend of the antique and contemporary cultures represents a stunning fusion of epochs, encapsulating the enduring human fascination with beauty and bravery.

The entire piece is 3D printed, showcasing intricate detailing and superb craftsmanship that captures the rugged aura of the ODST helmet and the graceful curves of the Venus de Milo. This sculptural piece reflects a keen attention to detail, ensuring a high level of accuracy while rendering each aspect.

Framing this exquisite sculpture is a classic ornate frame, 3D printed to mimic the grandeur and rich details of period artwork. Its dramatic flourishes and embellishments bring an additional layer of elegance, adding a touch of majesty to your home decor.

This remarkable sculpture measures approximately 5x7.5 inches for the standard size and a larger option at 10x15 inches, perfect to adorn your walls without overwhelming your space. With its unique style and high-quality construction, this sculpture makes an excellent gift for art lovers, history buffs, or passionate gamers.

Make a statement with this Wall Mounted Halo ODST x Venus de Milo Fusion Sculpture – a conversation starter that transcends time, marrying the past and the future in one elegant piece.

Original Series: "Venus de ODST" by Mike Moceri 2023

Materials: High-quality, marble-composite 3D printing materials for durability and detailed resolution.

Dimensions: Approximately 6.5x8 inches

Installation: The piece comes with a notch in the back for portrait wall hanging or free-standing.

Shipping: Packaged with care to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, ready to transform your space.

Note: As every sculpture is individually 3D printed, minor variations in color and texture may occur, enhancing the uniqueness of each piece.
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