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Mike Moceri

Elegant Full-Scale 3D Printed Tricolor Minerva Bust

Elegant Full-Scale 3D Printed Tricolor Minerva Bust

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Behold the enchanting blend of classic and contemporary art in this full-scale 3D printed bust of Minerva, the revered Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. Renowned technologist, producer, and artist Mike Moceri has expertly crafted this majestic piece from a harmonious mix of classic white, soft pink, and light brown materials, resulting in a captivating tricolor effect that breathes new life into ancient artistry.

Derived from a meticulous 3D scan of an original statue, the bust beautifully captures Minerva's dignified mien and majestic presence. Every subtlety, every nuance of her serene countenance, and regal attire are rendered with impressive detail. This piece is a testament to the seamless merging of the age-old tradition of sculpture with the innovation of modern 3D printing technology.

The tricolor palette adds an unexpected twist to the sculpture. The classic white pays homage to the traditional marble of Roman statuary, while the soft pink and light brown inject warmth and a touch of contemporary sophistication. This striking combination ensures the bust's ability to complement both classical and modern interiors while remaining a standout piece in any luxury art collection.

The digital craftsmanship of Mike Moceri is evident in the bust's painstaking detail and unique coloration, making it a truly investment-worthy piece for discerning collectors. Moceri's talent for melding traditional art forms with the precision of 3D printing technology has resulted in a piece that honors the past while looking to the future.

Each bust is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, asserting its place in a limited series of these exclusive pieces. This attests to its unique creation and its value as a rare and desirable collector's item.

A rare find for both art enthusiasts and luxury collectors alike, this tricolor Minerva bust is not just a piece of art; it's a statement piece that bridges the divide between the classical and the contemporary, and between the artisanal and the technological.

Secure your investment in this unique piece of art today, and let the timeless wisdom of Minerva grace your collection in a vibrant, tricolor palette, made possible only by the artistry of Mike Moceri and the marvels of 3D printing technology.

Learn more about Mike Moceri and his work:

Materials: High-quality, composite, 3D printing materials for durability and detailed resolution.

Dimensions: Approximately 12x12x22 inches.

Shipping: Packaged with care and shipped insured to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, ready to transform your space.

Note: As every sculpture is individually 3D printed, minor variations in color, color-combination, and texture may occur, enhancing the uniqueness of each piece.
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