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  FRIDGE is a New York-based artist working across digital media, sculpture, and painting. He was born in the Philippines and moved to Brooklyn at age six, where his early exposure to graffiti left an imprint on his art career. He later became recognized for his distinctive purple refrigerator artwork seen throughout New York City. 
 His work developed into three-dimensional sculptures that often challenge one's reality and perception, employing his stylized signature and phrase "stop doing nothing." He was the first artist to have collaborated with Champion, New York, with a solo show and capsule collection, and he has his own signature G-Shock design of the iconic DW5600 silhouette that launched with his first solo exhibition 'Perfect Timing" (2019) at their flagship SoHo store His work has shown internationally and is included in many collections, such as Google's New York Permanent Collection and New York Historical Society Museum, as part of their 'History Responds' initiative STOP DOING NOTHING is a catchphrase coined by FRIDGE meant to motivate people to overcome self-constructed barriers.

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